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Your Guide To An Awesome Bar / Bat Mitzvah Celebration

6th October

It feels like just yesterday that your child was first learning to walk. Now, at the tender age of 13, he/she will make the transition into adulthood. You’ve watched as your child spends hours each week learning Hebrew and preparing for this day. For all of your child’s hard work, to show your love, pride and appreciation, these easy pointers will help you select the bar / bat mitzvah facility Westchester NY services provider that will facilitate not only a night to remember, but a night that your son or daughter will never forget.

Does management appreciate the gravity of this event?

Your call is to make sure this event is something worth remembering. This will likely be the biggest celebration for your child so far in his or her life. In order to make this night truly special, you must ensure …

4 Effective Tips To Picking A Sweet 16 Event Space For Your Daughter

6th October

Your daughter has endured some of the toughest years of her life. Navigating a convoluted and competitive social scene and undergoing rapid physical and emotional transformational, all while balancing schoolwork, homework, sports, and extracurriculars makes teenage years some of the most trying years that a girl must go through. But your daughter did, and she’s stronger now for it. That’s why she deserves all the congratulations you can offer her. So when you begin your search for the perfect venue for your daughter’s Sweet 16 party, we hope you’ll take it seriously. Here’s your guide choosing the ideal Sweet 16 private events facility Westchester NY services provider.

1. How much time (in hours) does the venue offer to set up the event?

If you really want to make this event as special as can be for your daughter, then the preparation must …

3 Important Questions To Ask When Searching For The Perfect Wedding Space

6th October

Congratulations on finding the love of your life! All your years have brought you here. Surely, your marriage will be one for the ages. Let’s make this wedding as perfect as you’d always dreamt it would be. The first step is finding the right location. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place. LIFE: The Place To Be provides the perfect wedding event spaces Westchester NY services. Here’s our guide to finding the space and time that’s perfect for you.


Before you get ahead of yourself, you first want to agree on when to have the wedding. What season, what day, and what time works best for you, your partner, and the people you plan to invite? Is it a priority that you hold the wedding at a time of year where the weather is warm? Do you …

The ultimate guide to kids’ party planning

26th September

Planning a kid’s party can be tricky and challenging, especially if it’s your first time. Mums always want the best for their kids and you might get very anxious trying to come up with the perfect party for your child. However, there’s no need to panic as this guide will help you plan a flawless party for your kid in every stage of their childhood and early adolescence.

The baby’s party.

Invite only the immediate family and your closest friends. Aim for a morning event that won’t interfere with your baby’s nap time. Think of an outdoors breakfast party or a brunch gathering with plenty of finger foods, fresh juices and a delightful cake. Don’t splurge in renting a venue for the event. Host your baby’s birthday at home amidst a familiar and intimate atmosphere, where you can also keep a better …

What to wear to a Bar / Bat Mitzvah Pt. II

26th September

For any young Jewish girl, a bat mitzvah is no dull affair. And the excitement of such happening in a girl’s life and her family’s comes of course, with a proper celebration, a theme, invitation cards, a delicious kosher catering, emotional speeches and a very well thought dressed code that will make the event not only meaningful but also fabulous.

However, with all those themes going on and the ever-present need to impress your peers, the dress code can put a significant amount of stress on anyone. Whether the theme revolves around a medieval fantasy, an all-that-glitters unicorn extravaganza, black & white event or a glamazon soirée, it’s almost certain that you can find the perfect outfit in your wardrobe to attend the bar / bat mitzvah.

Regardless of the theme, there are rules that will always prevail. In most cases, the …

What to wear to a Bar / Bat Mitzvah Pt. I

26th September

For any young Jewish, a bar / bat mitzvah is no dull affair. And the excitement of such happening in someone’s life and their family’s comes of course, with a proper celebration, a theme, invitation cards, a delicious kosher catering, emotional speeches and a very well thought dressed code that will make the event not only meaningful but also fabulous.

However, with all those themes going on and the ever-present need to impress your peers, the dress code can put a significant amount of stress on anyone. Whether the theme revolves around a medieval fantasy, an all-that-glitters unicorn extravaganza, black & white event or a glamazon soirée, it’s almost certain that you can find the perfect outfit in your wardrobe to attend the bar / bat mitzvah.

Regardless of the theme, there are rules that will always prevail. In most cases, the …

Party Decor Trend: Hoola Hoop Wreaths

24th August

Decorations can be a huge headache if you’re planning an event. Finding the perfect decoration to match your celebration facility and your party’s style at the same time can be quite difficult unless you get costume made arrangements. However, not everybody has the money to pay for customised decorations. But there’s always a DIY alternative that can look just as good with just a bit of creativity and arts & crafts basic skills.

Hoola hoop wreaths are one of the latest trends in event decoration and making them yourself is rather easy. In fact, here are a few ideas for you to make your own.



Wrap the hoop with paper or fabric, or you might also paint it with spray, get balloons to cover some sections on the hoop and use a string to hang another balloon with a message in the …

Top 7 Food Bars for your Kids Parties

24th August

Choosing the perfect food for your kids parties can be quite challenging, even more if your children are picky eaters. But with some foods you just can’t go wrong.

Whomever said you cannot please everyone was in the wrong, at least when it comes to party food, especially if instead of planning out a whole three-course meal or menu you just roll with a food bar instead. With food bars, opportunities are endless and you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Furthermore, food bars solve the problem of serving to guests, as everyone can just grab a plate and serve themselves whatever they want to, however they want to. That’s probably why these have become pretty popular at wedding receptions, corporate events and bridal showers but if you think about it, this idea might work even better when it comes …

The Bar and Bat Mitzvah industry is being disrupted by this rabbi

24th August

How can an LA rabbi change the bar and bat mitzvah industry? Well, the answer has probably something to do with a great sense of duty and dedication towards the community; and rabbi Moshe Cohen has lots of it.

In fact, he is so committed with his mission, that he ran the 2017 LA Marathon in order to raise funds that would cover the costs of unaffiliated families participating of the Community Shul’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah Experience.

With some bar and bat mitzvah parties reportedly being on the more expensive side of the spectrum, rabbi Cohen has developed a groundbreaking program that makes bar and bat mitzvahs affordable and more importantly, meaningful to all families.

It is said that bar or bat mitzvah have a long list of prerequisites such as private tutoring, membership to a synagogues and temple and several other preparations and …

Do’s and Don’ts of Planning the Perfect Event

26th May

If you’re ever planned an event, then you know how stressful that endeavor can be. There’s so much to think about, from the food to the music to the entertainment, and there are TONS of opportunities for things to go wrong. If you’ve been tasked with planning a wedding, bar mitzvah, retirement party, or any other major gathering, use the tips below to guide you and help ensure a successful event.

Choose the Right DJ for Your Event

25th May

Every great event needs great music to go with it, whether it’s a band, a DJ, or even your own playlist coming out of the speakers. If you do decide to hire a DJ, which is a wonderful option, there are a few things you need to consider beforehand. You can’t just get online, search for a local DJ, and hire the first one you see. There are some things you need to ask, and doing your due diligence will help ensure that your party goes off without a hitch.

5 Tips to Make Your Office Party Unforgettable

24th May

Are you in charge of planning the next office party? Do you want to make it the festive and unforgettable experience that you and your co-workers deserve? Of course you do! Use the tips below to add tons of fun to your event.

Buffet Table Tips

19th May

Many of the best parties that we have ever been to included buffet-style eating.  While sit down dinners are nice, they do require a waiting staff and a lot of coordination to ensure that things go smoothly. Buffets can be simpler and more inviting for picky eaters.

If you are going to execute a buffet table at your next party, then do consider these tips to better ensure that it is a success.

Party Centerpieces – Get Creative

18th May

Centerpieces are important aspects of party décor.  They bring tables to life and set the mood for the gathering.  However, before you go too big, too bold, and too expensive with your centerpieces, be sure that you are keeping these tips in mind.

Creating a Seating Chart To Please (Nearly) Everyone

17th May

You can’t make everyone happy, but you can certainly make most people happy when it comes to seating at your next big party function.  Whether it is a wedding, work gathering, or fundraiser, there are advantages to following the rules of etiquette when it comes to creating the seating chart.

First, understand that, while you may not find it to be the easiest or more inviting chore in the world, a seating chart really will make your event run more smoothly.  There is actually less risk of someone’s feelings being hurt, and it reduces the stress on the guests who are not familiar with others in attendance.

Fun and Funky Ideas for a Summer Baby Shower

12th May

Baby showers have earned a bad name with many audiences, as events that are filled with awkward games and endless hours of present opening.  However, you can have your cake and eat it too, if you think outside the box when planning your baby shower.

Helping Your Child Decide Who to Invite to Birthday Party

10th May

Throwing a birthday party for your child can be a very exciting time.  However, before you can enjoy the day, you must decide who will be welcomed as a guest.  That can be tricky, especially when your child has a long list of friends.

Websites to Make Your Invitations Simpler

5th May

Invitations are a very important part of the party planning process, because they set the mood for the event, in addition to sharing all the pertinent information with the guests invited.  To receive an invitation in the mail is something special, more meaningful that the Facebook event or emailed invite.  So, while they aren’t required for all gatherings, if you are throwing a formal party, then you should consider ordering invitations to be mailed out to those who you want to join you on the special day.

4 Great Ways to Serve Beverages at Your Next Party

3rd May

If you are going to host a party, then food and drinks are two of your biggest considerations.  After all, people like to snack and sip on drinks as they socialize. But, serving drinks out of a typical cooler can be a décor-killer. So, as you prepare for the big event, be sure that you consider some of the more attractive and creative ways that you can serve your friends and family members the beverages that they love.

Did You Overlook These Details When Planning the Graduation Party?

31st March

Many schools have already hosted graduations, others are in the works right now, and that means that it is party season.  If you are a parent of a graduate and planning a party, there are a few details that you won’t want to overlook.

Tent Rental If you wake up and find that the forecast was wrong, that the sky is full of ominous clouds, it’s going to be a bit late to change the venue or find an available tent.  Be sure that you are prepared.  It is generally safer to opt for an indoor venue this time of the year, but you can typically get away with an outdoor party, as long as you have some sort of cover available for those who want to escape the rain or the intense heat.

Five Reasons to Host Your Annual Office Party in the Summer

29th March

People Seek Fun in the Summer It’s true! This is the season of vacations, parties, picnics, and family gatherings.  People love to let loose in the summer and generally tend to be happier, more open to new experiences.  So, why not take advantage of that and get everyone together for a little bit of fun.
Great Time for Team Building That fun will also come with its benefits. These sorts of get-togethers have long been proven to be very effective for the purpose of team-building.  Co-workers who are placed in a situation where they must work together to achieve some goal – win at laser tag against another team, rock climbing, etc. – come away from the experience with a tighter bond.

4 Great Ways to Serve Beverages at Your Next Party

24th March

If you are going to host a party, then food and drinks are two of your biggest considerations.  After all, people like to snack and sip on drinks as they socialize. But, serving drinks out of a typical cooler can be a décor-killer. So, as you prepare for the big event, be sure that you consider some of the more attractive and creative ways that you can serve your friends and family members the beverages that they love.

DJ Versus Band: Party Planning

23rd March

Music is an important part of any party.  In fact, if you employ a great musician or DJ, it will likely be the highlight of the event, as people will always recall the fun had on the dance floor.  Choosing between a live band and a DJ is really a very personal decision, but here are a few things to consider as you make up your mind.

Make Your Next Family Reunion a Smashing Success

22nd March

Family reunions can be great experiences, and the summer is a wonderful season for bringing several generations together.  This is a great way to introduce the youngest to the oldest, and to make new connections within the family tree.  As you plan your party, we suggest you consider these wonderful ideas.

The Creepy, Crawly Birthday for Boys

17th March

In the last blog post, we wrote a bit about throwing a perfect party for the little princess in your life, but what about the boys?  The majority of little men won’t be quite so impressed with glitter-covered foods and cardboard castles.  They would, however, love a day of creepy, crawly encounters.

Snakes on the Dance Floor start the event by ushering in the young friends into a room with a floor covered in fake snakes.  The moms (and even some of the dads) in the crown may not be big fans, but you will surely get a lot of giggles from the guests of honor.  When the boys leave at the end of the event, give them a bag of these little creatures as party favors.

The Perfect Princess Party for Little Princesses

16th March

If you have a little girl ready to celebrate a very important birthday, then you will definitely want to consider the princess party theme.  Though some would shy away, feeling that the idea has been overdone, there are few girls who wouldn’t love the chance to dress up and play the part of princess for a day.  Make your party ideas creative and the theme will have a completely different feel than any before it.

The Cardboard Castle Every princess needs a castle.  The good news is that you don’t have to have years of experience in construction to build her just that.  A cardboard castle is a great centerpiece for the big day, and will also, undoubtedly, turn into a great back drop for photos.  Furthermore, she can take it home and have hours of fun with it after the …

Five Things the Right Kids’ Birthday Party Venue Will Do For You

15th March

Throwing a birthday party or other celebration for your child is a great way to show your love and support.  Very often parents will have as much fun as the kids when they are able to let loose and enjoy those attending.  However this is difficult to do when hosting a party at home.  All of the stress and preparation needs fall into your lap, in such instances.  Instead, many parents are now seeking other facilities for these events.  However, not all venues are created equally.  Before you book the space, be sure that you are receiving at least these five services in exchange for your hard-earned money:

Destination Wedding NYC

10th March

If you are among those that will be planning a wedding for 2016, and you are in search of a great destination wedding venue, then you might want to skip the beaches and come to the Big Apple.  If you aren’t sure that it is the best fit for you, let us just supple you with a short list of reasons why brides fall in love with NYC on their wedding days.

Should You Hire an Event Manager?

9th March

If you are planning a big party, fundraiser, wedding, or other such event, you may want to consider hiring some professional help.  If you aren’t sure whether or not it is worth the investment, consider the following questions.

Have You Planned a Big Event Before? If you are a regular entertainer and familiar with what it takes to pull such an party together, then you may not require the assistance of an event manager.  However, if you have not done so before, you run the risk of overlooking important details.  These professionals have the experience and expertise to pull of your plans without a hitch.  Thereby removing the responsibility from your shoulders.

Don’t Forget the Fun in Fundraiser

8th March

The act of doing your part to raise money for a good cause or for those less fortunate is a wonderful gesture.  However, you don’t want to forget to honor those who are willing to part with their time or hard-earned money to help out.  A fundraiser is a great opportunity to have fun with friends, family and associates.  If you approach this even in the right manner, people will be happy to help out again, year after year.

Treat it Like Any Other Party  Make it too dry and boring, people will leave before they have made much of a contribution, and they will be far less likely to accept the invitation next year.  Make it a party, and allow the fundraising aspect to be just a piece of the whole.  That means providing entertainment, scheduling fun activities, and implementing …

Need a Reason to Throw a Party? Consider These Great Excuses

18th February

The holidays are wonderful, birthdays are both scary and good reasons to celebrate, but these events don’t occur often enough and are often swallowed up in a wide array of other responsibilities.  If you need a good reason to party and you find yourself with time to plan a great gathering, then consider these wonderful themes.

A Sweet Sixteen Party to Remember

17th February

A girl turns sixteen only once in her life, and it has long been considered a very special time.  She is on her way to becoming a woman, and yet she still holds that special place in her parents’ hearts that only a child can.  You should celebrate this momentous occasion, because this will be a time that she will always remember.  You have the opportunity to make it a great memory.  If you are going to throw a Sweet Sixteen party, consider the following tips.

Great Bar Mitzvah Party Ideas

16th February

If you have a young one that you care for, then you are undoubtedly greeting this time for celebration with both happiness and trepidation.  It is difficult to watch a boy grow into manhood, and this is just one more stepping stone along his journey.  But, his Bar Mitzvah should be celebrated, because if he is maturing, it is a result of your love and affection. So, be sure that you show him just how proud you are.  Throw a party that he will remember with fond thoughts all through his life.

Here are a few ideas to get your planning process under way.

5 Classic Kid Games for Birthday Parties

11th February

Musical Chairs The wonderful game that requires nothing more than music and enough chairs for each child. Remove one chair, start the music, and when it stops, all kids race to claim a chair.  The child who can’t sit is “out”, another chair is removed, and the game resumes until only one child remains.
Dress-Up Relay Choose two outfits (the more articles involved in the outfits, the longer the game will last) that have an equal number of components. Place each in a pile at one end of the room.  Break the kids into two groups, and one member of each team must race to the pile, put on all of the clothing, return to the line, take it off, and allow the next person to dress in them.  This pattern continues until every child in the line has had a …

Do You Need a Party Planner?

10th February

If you are planning a big event, you might find that you are rather overwhelmed with the number of errands that must be completed in order to pull the whole thing together.  There are shops that must be visit, phone calls that must be placed and answered, emails to respond to, and invitations to be designed, ordered and set.  In addition to all of that, there were undoubtedly be small obstacles that you encounter during the process.  It can be a big time- and financial burden, and that is why many people consider hiring event planners.  There are certainly advantages of doing so.

6 Deliciously Simply Appetizers for Your Next Party

9th February

It’s almost party time and you better have food for your hungry guests.  If you are scrambling, at the last minute, trying to decide what you can possible serve that won’t require hours in the kitchen, consider these great, and very simple options.

Tex-Mex Chip Bar Guacamole, Salsa, and a selection of tortilla chips make a great snacking option for party goers.  It’s sure to win over your guests and will require very little prep time.

Pigs in a Blanket Buy the crescent roll dough in the store, cut into sections and roll around mini hot dogs before baking.  Place on a pretty platter and serve with sides of ketchup and barbeque sauce.

Team Building Activities to Do Indoors, Part II

4th February

In the last post, we mentioned a few activities that you could do with your coworkers at an indoor party venue.  Team building games are a great way to build lasting memories and to encourage friendship between members of the company.  So, before everyone sits down to enjoy a meal or a couple of drinks, consider these other great activities.

Team Building Activities to Do Indoors, Part I

3rd February

Hiring a party venue for a great corporate gathering is a wonderful idea.  It is also a great time to take advantage of the many different team building activities that exist today.  Choose the right set of games and you will have everyone laughing and creating memories that will last long into the year, and beyond.

Six Ways to Dress Your Party Venue Ceilings

2nd February

Making a space personal for the purpose of a party, work gathering, or other form of celebration can be a challenge.  We do recommend, though, that you start with the ceiling.  A well decorated ceiling will keep the eye moving throughout the rest of the space.

Get Your Kids Moving With a Dance Party

29th January

Kids love to move.  You just have to give them inspiration to do so, and ac dance party can be just the thing.  Bring friends and family members together for a night of good food and great music.  There are a number of ways that you can put together a kids dance party, so consider these wonderful ideas to get your plans rolling.

So You Want to Dress Up? 10 Great Custom Party Themes

28th January

It doesn’t have to be Halloween.  If you want to throw a costume party, you certainly can, at any time of the year.  You just need a great theme and some willing friends.

6 Wonderful Bridal Party Favors that the Women will Love

27th January

Designer DonutsYou don’t have to spend big bucks to have this little tasty treat for your guests.  Buy boxes of plain donuts and dress them up in your own kitchen, they seal them tight in cellophane and give a gift as sweet as you are.

Make Your Own Mimosa Gift Set Mini bottles of Champagne are readily available today.  Add a small bottle of orange juice to each and you have given a gift that can be enjoyed at the shower, or after the guest has returned home.

Keep ‘Em Warm at Your Wintertime Party

26th January

Winter is a wonderful time to have family and friends together, particularly in the slow months between New Year’s Day and spring.  This is a time that is generally slower than the summer- and holiday rushes, which makes it a wonderful time to plan a party.  However, it is also a cold time of the year, so be prepared for plans that will keep your guests toasty warm.

Ten Top Tips for Face Painting at a Birthday Party

25th January

Avoid oil based paints for young children. They tend to smudge more easily and can also be difficult to remove after the event.
Always work with a damp sponge or brush, because it will make it easier to apply the makeup smoothly. Have a small bowl to dip your brushes and sponges into, a cloth to wipe away excess moisture, and a jug of clean water so you can refill as necessary.
Consider including nontoxic glitter gel in your repertoire. Especially for little girls, glitter tends to be a big winner.

Ten Good Reasons to Get Together With Your Female Friends

22nd January

Do you need an excuse to throw a party for the most important women in your life?  Just need a night away from the men and the kids?  We have the party venue, you have the friends, and here are ten reasons to enjoy some girls only time.

Family Reunion: The Indoor Picnic

21st January

Many people associate family reunions with outdoor venues, but the trouble is that a person can never guarantee that the weather will cooperate.  If you are over the rain delays, sunburns, and sweat stains, then consider the alternatives.  Perhaps the one that will be most appealing is the indoor picnic.  If Mother Nature won’t cooperate, then bring the outdoors in for your next family celebration.

3 Family Activities to Beat the Cold Weather

20th January

Every year, when the cold weather sets in, parents start searching for indoor fun. Keeping our kids cooped up in the house just is not a valid solution to staying warm. It drives everyone crazy!  Look no further, though! Here at LIFE, we have 3 family activities to beat the cold weather.

Throwing a Valentine’s Party- A Few Tips

19th January

Throwing a Valentine’s party is a fun idea to gather friends and family and give them a chance to express their love to their significant other in a fun atmosphere. So, here are a few tips to get you started in planning the best Valentine’s party.

Tip Number 1: Start with your guest list. Before you do anything else, be sure to make your guest list. Everything else will have to be planned around your guest list. LIFE can accommodate a small party, midsize party or very large party. But, we want to make sure that we are putting you in the right size space for the number of people you plan to have. So, it is important to have your guest list complete before you make your reservation so that we know right where to put you.

3 Best Kids Birthday Party Themes for 2016

18th January

Each year you get a chance to celebrate your child’s birthday. Every year, the theme is different. So, as you start planning for your child’s birthday party this year, what are the top 3 themes for 2016? And where is the best place to hold the birthday party?

Let’s start with the top 3 themes for 2016. The newest movie and most awaited movie to hit the screens this year is Star Wars: The Force Awakens! It’s easily one of the best choices for boys and girls alike this year, and easy to pull off. Not sure your little girl would enjoy a Star Wars birthday? You may want to consider Frozen. Despite the fact that it’s been a top idea for some time, it seems to continually hold that staying power many parents are looking for. Finally, one that makes …

The Birthday Party Hosting Time Line, Part II

15th January

The birthday party is fast approaching, and you did your homework a month or two in advance, but now it is crunch time and you have to alert everyone, figure out what to serve for food and drinks, and get the place decorated.

The Birthday Party Hosting Time Line, Part I

14th January

If you are planning a big birthday party this year, whether it is for a soon-to-be six-year-old, or an “over the hill” bash for a 60-year-old, you will have to be well-prepared, if you are going to pull it off.  For that reason, we have compiled a check list, beginning as much as two months in advance of the party.

25 Must-Have Items for Your Next Party

13th January

A party is a gathering of people who have similar interests and want to let loose for a few hours.  Those are the most important components of any party, but you can only add to the success of the gathering by incorporating certain props, favors, and other elements.  With these twenty-five common party items, you can provide entertainment, convenience and a few reasons to smile.

Wall Coverings: Prepare Your Space for a Party

12th January

If you are planning a party, one of the things that you will have to carefully consider is the type of decorations you will use to enhance the space where the gathering will be held.  Many people underestimate the decorations that will be needed to fill a large party place.

If you have a large wall that you want to disguise or dress up, then you will likely need a lot of material to cover it.  However, if you are wise about it, you can accomplish the task without spending out big bucks to do so.

Bar Mitzvah: How to Plan a Party for Teenage Boys

11th January

Planning a party for young men can be a challenge.  Where girls will happily accept heaps of decorations, and will want to be involved with every step of the planning, boys are more likely to take a step back.  While they do want the party, they don’t have as much to say about how it looks, what is served, and where it is to be held.

If you are planning a Bar Mitzvah, consider these suggestions to ensure that the young men in attendance are comfortable and entertained.

Now, THAT is a Great Party Theme…

24th December

If you are throwing a party –whether it is for a family reunion, to celebrate an engagement, or wish someone a happy birthday, or to get your coworkers out of the office for a bit – you should consider a theme.  While there will undoubtedly be the occasional naysayer, the majority of people enjoy an excuse to dress up and have some fun.  If you are still in the process of planning, consider these awesome party themes.

Five Ways to Make Your Kids Birthday Party Even Better

23rd December

Birthday parties create memories that will last a lifetime, and you undoubtedly want to make the experience extra special for your child.  Consider these helpful hints to get your planning underway.  A little bit of creative thinking can ensure that everyone has a great time on your child’s big day.

The Back to Nature Wedding Trend

22nd December

Though there have certainly been some very beautiful weddings in the past, which had very little tie to nature, there simply is no way to compete with Mother Nature.  She has executed the very best design plans ever known, so it is no wonder that so many brides, in 2015, are taking her lead.

Nature-inspired weddings, and those that celebrate the local products are becoming increasingly popular.  Fish pulled from the local bodies of water are served as main dishes.  Fresh fruit, hand-picked from local farms are used to adorn otherwise simplistic cakes.  And, the decorations are more eco-friendly than ever before, often including pieces found in nature, such as twigs and pinecones.

Smart Catering: Know How Much You Really Need

11th December

There is a lot that goes into preparing for a catering job, so be prepared to answer a long list of questions if you are dealing with an experienced catering service.  If you don’t have that luxury, then you will have to make the same considerations on your own.  There are several questions that you should be asking yourself as you prepare the menu for your big event.

Healthy Snacks for Kids’ Parties

10th December

Kids’ birthday parties are wonderful, fun filled events, but there is one downside.  Most of those parties leave kids on sugar highs and with stomach aches at the end of the day.  Too much sugar is never a good thing, even on a child’s special day.  That’s why we are all in favor of serving healthy and tasty treats at kids’ birthday parties.

Party Planning Timeline

9th December

Let’s face it; while there are people who find party planning the most natural thing in the world, the majority of us struggle a bit with bringing all of the details together.  The best way to get around this, and to ensure that the party is a success, is to practice proper planning.  Creating your very own party planning timeline and checklist is a great place to start.  And, as you set out to do so, keep in mind the following tips for each step of the way.

Icebreakers: Get the Party Started

8th December

When you are introducing people from various aspects of your life, there can be a level of discomfort, as people try to start up a conversation with others, who they do not know.  You can ease this with silly and short icebreakers, which force those in attendance to speak with the people who are unfamiliar.

Five Awesome Birthday Party Favors That Aren’t Candy

7th December

Throwing a child’s birthday party can be a great deal of fun for all involved.  However, when it comes to handing out favors, it can be a bit frustrating.  After all, you don’t want to waste your money on the toys and trinkets that are lost or broken an hour later.  And, the other parents really don’t want you to hand over a bag of candy for the road.  So, be creative in your approach.

Make Her Sweet 16 Amazing With These Tips

Hitting 16 is an amazing milestone in a girl’s life, and few parents don’t want to ensure she has an amazing party to go with this big day. What can you do to make sure her party is absolutely perfect? These tips can help.
• Find a great theme. Not every girl wants the same sweet 16 party theme, so you may need to do a bit of work to find out what would be ideal. A tropical party can be lots of fun, particularly if it’s cold outside, but the candy store theme is really catching on for these kinds of parties too. You could also get creative with something like a masquerade ball. Whatever you choose, though, make sure it’s a theme she’d actually want.
• Choose a venue. You need to do this well in advance of her party. Trying to …

Tips On Picking the Right Private Venue.

Whether it’s your daughter’s sweet 16 or a corporate event that needs the perfect location, choosing the right venue can make or break it. How do you select the ideal location, though? These tips can help.

• Know what you’re looking for. You can’t begin to look for the best venue if you don’t know what you require. It could be something as complex as a climbing wall or something as simple as a large room with a podium, table, and chairs. Define your requirements carefully before you start shopping.

• Know your budget. Event venues can be expensive, so set your budget carefully ahead of time. Make certain, though, that you’re reasonable about your expectations. You may want to call a few places to get a sense of what you may have to pay or you may be holding your event in a …

3 Things to Look for in a Wedding Reception Venue

It’s your special day, and everything has to be perfect, from the dress to the cake and everything in between. That’s why many couples feel so much pressure when it comes to choosing the right venue for their wedding reception. However, with a little planning (okay, a lot of planning in some cases), you can find a place that is perfect for your wedding after-party. Here are three things you should be looking for in a venue:

Catering options – One of the biggest parts of any wedding reception is the food. After the big event, everyone is usually ready to indulge in food and drink. Your reception venue should offer a variety of catering options to suit your specific needs, whether you want French delicacies or kosher foods only.
Flexible space – Another concern for couples searching for the ideal reception …

Selecting the Perfect Venue For Your Corporate Event? Read This First

Designing the perfect corporate event can be nothing short of frustrating. There are so many aspects to consider, and often so many parties involved, that it can take stress to an entirely new level. Part of the problem is selecting the right event space. Particularly in New York, this is a real issue because there’s a banner ad or other media screaming “Event Space Here” at every turn. How do you select the right choice to meet your needs? These tips can help.

Go for the Wow: You want a space that is going to make all of your attendees step back and say “Wow” the moment they walk in the door. It’s really the only way to kick off an event on the right foot, so when you’re previewing, make sure it has that factor when you walk through the …

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Traditional Seating

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