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Top Summer Party Ideas

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The hottest months of the year are a call for celebration. The sun is shining, nature is blooming and it’s hot outside, which means that if you want to throw a party, you have to do it right. As lovely as summer might be, excess heat and mosquitoes can quickly turn your lovely gathering into a sweaty disaster. (Related topics: special events)

The following ideas will work perfectly for your summer celebration.

  1. Summer Carnival
    Who doesn’t love a carnival? And summer is the perfect time for it. Just set up your outdoors to look like a carnival with games, cotton candy, popcorn and all of your other carnival favorites.
  2. Lemonade Bar
    A lemonade bar is the solution to your issues with hot weather. Lemonade is the perfect refreshment and the options for customization are endless. From raspberry lemonade to gin spiked lemonade, there are about a million things you can do with lemonade to please your guests.
  3. Beer Garden
    A beer garden can offer you refreshment and open a door to an entirely new world. Some beer gardens offer up to 500 different varieties of beer, cocktails made out of beer and many other combinations made for your palate and your guests’.
  4. Picnic Party
    If you missed your chances of going for a picnic during the spring, this is your chance to bring out the blankets and the baskets to set up a picnic party outside.
  5. Poptail Party
    It’s never too hot for cocktails, but if your need for refreshments is beyond cocktails topped with lots of ice, making popsicles out of your favorite cocktails is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds.
  6. Salad Bar
    Salads are nutritious, refreshing and filling. Setting up a salad bar is the best way to keep your guests well fed and fresh throughout the evening.
  7. Party in a Tent
    If you want to have a party in the sunshine, we suggest you set up a tent to avoid unwanted sunburns.
  8. Sangria Bar
    Sangria is a crowd favorite; if you like wine but the hot weather makes it off-putting for you, try Sangria in all its presentations.
  9. Al Fresco Dining
    Seize the summertime and set up the dining table outside. Prepare a summery meal and be ready to entertain your guests under the summer moon.
  10. Garnished Champagne Brunch
    Make your summer brunch special by garnishing you champagne with fruit; whether it’s berries or any other fruit of your choice, garnish your champagne for an extra punch of flavor.

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