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Top 7 Father’s Day Celebration Foods

Posted on 5th June, by marketing14 in Events, Party Planning. No Comments

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Your father’s day celebration is almost completely planned but you’re still unsure of how to please the demanding palates of the dads in your life. Well, the following is a list of the most sought food by dads across the country.

  1. Beef Cuts

    Unless your dad is vegetarian, chances are that a good cut of prime beef is on his list of must-haves for Father’s day. Try your local butcher’s shop for a fresh product and some expert recommendations on which cuts are best for cooking in a certain way.

  2. Burgers

    Who doesn’t love a good burger? Even fitness dads and vegetarian dads love burgers –of course, for the latter the burgers should be meatless. Ground turkey burgers, Portobello burgers, beef and chorizo burgers, chicken burgers, crab burgers and any other kind of burger you can imagine, if it’s well made, your dad will eat it.

  3. Chicken Wings

    Again, you can leave the vegan dads out of this category but chicken wings are one of the ultimate finger foods. Most dads enjoy eating wings whilst drinking beer and enjoying their favorite TV show or catching one of the games of the season on their smart TV.

  4. Pancakes with Bacon

    A stack of pancakes with a side of bacon for breakfast? Yes, please! If you bring breakfast to bed for your dad make sure to be generous with the bacon and do your best to make those pancakes fluffy as a cloud.

  5. Sandwiches

    Many dads are simple creatures, others can be rather complicated but lucky you, sandwiches are probably the most versatile dish ever. Is your dad celiac? Make a gluten-free sandwich. Is he vegetarian? Try a veggie sandwich. Is he a meat lover? A pescetarian? A health nut? There’s a sandwich for every person in the world, you just have to find your dad’s.

  6. Pie

    The dads with a sweet tooth agree that pie is king and, again, pie is also as versatile as it gets. You have your fruit pies, chocolate pie, creampie, meat pie and the list goes on forever.

  7. Fries

    Chilli fries, cheese fries, plain fries. Whether they are a side dish, an appetizer or a snack, fries seem to be pretty popular with the fatherhood crowd, so when in doubt, a steak with fries will do the trick.

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