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How to Decorate your Spring Party and Stay on Trend

Posted on 5th April, by marketing14 in Events, Party Planning. No Comments

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Now that winter is over it’s time to start the spring celebrations. But what about choosing the decor? For some party hosts this can be one of the most challenging aspects of planning their event. Spring is meant to be colorful, invigorating and joyful; hence, colors like blue and the traditional green are expected go-to’s when it comes to decoration.

Since flowers will be available everywhere, there will be no need for elaborate decorations. You can go with more natural elements and aim for a more rustic vibe with materials like wood, vegetable fiber or even cork. Additionally, you can complement everything or almost everything with freshly cut flowers and petals.

Blues and greens are obviously amongst the stars of the season, often known as the happiest season of the year. However, other bright shades like pink and yellow are welcomed and can be incorporated into any decoration or design you might be thinking of for your event. If you’re not too sure about the super bright shades, you can try with a dark blue, deep green or very pale yellow as your main or background color, and then add accents in brighter shades.

Green is the color of spring, so lots of it will do well for your decoration. Think of different shades of green combined with pink, orange, yellow red and of course blue and purple shades, like lilac or lavender amongst others. You can also combine the green with white for a safe yet classic contrast.

On top of the flowers, you can use branches and plants to decorate; think of fountains and rustic food bars or buffets. Spring is perfect for outdoor celebrations or even indoor celebrations as long as you keep it light and fresh. Think of picnics, beer gardens, tea parties, gin gardens and salad festivals.

Colorful roof lamps and flower arrangements for flat surfaces will be massive this spring. Combine pink with white and add some subtle brown accents for a nice pastel look. Vases with big yellow flowers, decorative frames with natural plants hanging from them, and forged iron or wooden chairs are a springy is at gets and provide a positive energy.

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