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Did You Miss Your Chance of Having a Beach Wedding?

Posted on 6th August, by marketing14 in Events, Party Planning. No Comments

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In case you didn’t know, some communities in New Jersey have forbidden beach weddings as a measure to maintain good transit and mobility. Beach weddings in New Jersey were an impediment for people who wanted to go there and enjoy the beach during the summer. Therefore, all further weddings have been denied permission to be celebrated in public beaches, starting on September 1st. (Related topic: celebration facility)

However, this doesn’t mean that your beach wedding has to be canceled. We understand that traveling to a beach farther away, that may also be costly, can be a massive drawback when it comes to turning your wedding dreams into a reality.

You can still have a beach themed wedding at your favorite celebration facility. You might not have the ocean in plain sight or a venue covered in sand but there are many ways in which you can bring indoors for a perfect summer beach wedding away from the beach.

You can start with the decorations. Decor is the quickest way to build an atmosphere and creating a beachy atmosphere is rather easy. Flowers that are endemic to coastal regions, and beach themed arrangements and decorative items can be easily found in local party shops.

Then, you can focus on the food. Choose traditional beach meals, aim for fresh seafood and veggies, citrusy flavors and exotic combinations. This is an excellent way to explore the gastronomy from many places all over the world. Ceviche from Peru, grilled fish with a wide variety of side dishes from the Caribbean coasts, seafood-based salads from the Mediterranean sea, sushi from Japan and poke bowls from Hawaii are just a few of the countless dishes that can help you bring the beach to your indoor wedding.

Lastly, the music and the dress code can make a massive difference. A more casual attire and lighter colors will make everything look more like a beach wedding, and incorporating some beachy tunes like reggae, dancehall and even bossa nova can be the tropical icing to your beach wedding indoors.

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