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5 Fun Activities for Your Summer Gathering

Posted on 6th August, by marketing14 in Events, Party Planning. No Comments

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Before the warm season ends, you might want to throw a few more parties and gather with your friends and family to share some quality time. However, after all the events you’ve been during the summer, you might be unsure of how to keep things fresh and entertaining as the summer starts to fade. (Related topic: special events)

Of course, this is no reason for you to get cold feet and not plan another party or gathering. In fact, the following list contains 5 fun activities you can deploy during your next summer party to keep things interesting.

  1. Tipsy Popsicles
    If you’re gathering with your friends on a hot summer day, you’re going to need something refreshing to share with them. But, more importantly, you can set up a boozy popsicle exchange to show off your bartending skills and to discover your friends’ favorite flavors as they turn their go-to cocktails into refreshing popsicles.
  2. Backyard Slip & Slide
    Are you feeling adventurous? Set up a slip and slide in your backyard so you and your friends can have a blast while refreshing and sunbathing. You can make it as long as you want, just make sure to keep it slippery and put a plushy wall in the end to avoid any accidents or discomfort. This is great fun for children and adults alike, just remember that safety is always first.
  3. Ice Cream Cake & Cupcakes
    If you feel like hanging out with your friends and doing something chill, why not improving your dessert-making skills? Get together with your friends and family, find some ice cream cake and cupcake recipes, and start indulging. Prepare refreshing desserts for each other and host a contest to decide who made the best one.
  4. Host Your Very Own Summer Olympics
    For those who are into sports and fitness, this could be the highlight of the summer. Organize a marathon or other kind of sports competition with your friends and spend a full day improving your physique and showing off your athletic skills. Having your very own version of the summer Olympics can become an annual tradition for all of your friends and family members who enjoy an active lifestyle.
  5. Foam Party
    Do you want to go all out and say farewell to the summer with a memorable bash? Consider a foam party, with a hip DJ and all of your friends. If you can throw a pool into the mix, even better. Even if they were at their biggest back in the early 2000s, foam parties are not outdated, plus everything from that era is making a comeback; so this is the perfect opportunity to host one of those if you never had the chance before.

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