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4 Themes for Your Father’s Day Celebration

Posted on 5th June, by marketing14 in Events, Party Planning. No Comments

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Last month, we celebrated the most important women in our lives, and June is the turn of the most important men in our lives: our fathers. However, coming up with an idea to celebrate your dad on his special day could be rather difficult. But don’t fret, we won’t let the generational barrier, cultural differences or any other minor issues get in the way of celebrating your father on this date.

Let’s say you’re lost and have no idea how to plan a celebration for your dad, and who can blame you? Historically, our parents become experts at planning parties for our birthdays and other milestone achievements such as graduations, engagements, awards, and whatnot. But the truth is that planning a celebration for a loved one doesn’t have to be rocket science and, in this case, it’s just about getting in tune with your father’s basic preferences.

Is your dad tech savvy or is he an absolute sports fan? Perhaps your dad is the outdoorsy type or maybe he prefers to dress up and enjoy a fancy meal at an exclusive restaurant. The point is that, once you identify what makes your dad tickle, coming up with an idea for a celebration is a piece of cake. But if you’re still feeling lost, the following ideas will surely help you come up with the perfect celebration for Father’s Day.

  1. The Sports Fan Huddle

    If your dad is an avid Sports Fan, the best thing you can do is buying him tickets for a game. But if going to a sports event is out of the question, you can host a match-viewing party with plenty of snacks, finger foods, and beer to go around and watch the game.

    And if that still doesn’t seem to be enough, you can organize your very own sports event. Baseball, football, basketball, beach volleyball, tennis or whatever your dad enjoys the most. Even if you’re not a huge fan of golf, if that’s something your father enjoys, make an effort for the occasion. Although you might not be the golfing type of person, any activity that you can use to bond with your dad is worth the effort.

  2. The BBQ Tournament

    Is your dad into the sun, the outdoors and sharing with his closest friends and family? Then throw a BBQ style or pool party celebration. The key for this is to keep it small and intimate and combine it with his favorite summer dishes that you can cook together.

    But if you want to take things to the next level, you can enhance the atmosphere by playing the right musical selection that includes all of your dad’s favorite tunes and a few activities you and your father can use to bond over, like bonfire story time, a family open mic or even a touch football match amongst friends and family.

  3. The Gentlemen’s Club

    Your dad is the perfect gentleman, old school guy almost out of a James Bond movie; and the only thing he wants is to have a good time with his friends. Then why not planning a classy gentleman’s gathering with a few drinks, poker and a selection of your father’s favorite dishes?

    A Casino Royale kind of vibe is perfect to give your dad the chance to dress up for a day of fun and games with his closest friends to remind him that, even though he is a great father, he’s also so much more than that and has the right to enjoy other aspects of his life just as much as he enjoys fatherhood.

  4. The Foodie’s Paradise

    When your father is a food lover, there’s only one way in which you can’t go wrong. So, make sure to rely on delicious food to save the day. If only this once you treat food as a priority as much as your dad does, your father’s day celebration will be a total success.

    There are a couple of ways in which you can do this. You can either take your dad for a foodie’s tour through your town or you can prepare a celebration that includes a food bar or, better yet, various food bars featuring his all-time favorites. If you choose the latter, make sure to put together a list of your dad’s fave meals in advance. And if you’re going for the first option, do your research and make sure to take your dad to all those breweries, coffee shops, food joints and restaurants that will fill him with joy and lift his spirit.

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